Come to the Garden: A Summer Field Experience

Come to the Garden: A Summer Field Experience in Applied Learning


During summer 2013, from June 10th through August 2, undergraduate and graduate students are invited to engage as participants, observers, and learners in an 8-week summer field school focusing on the development of a neighborhood garden in Lafayette, Louisiana This field school is offered for 6 hours of academic credit.

Open to students from various majors. Course is listed as: ANTH 491(G). Research in Cultural Anthropology Instructor: Dr. C. Ray Brassieur

Field school students will collaborate with neighborhood participants in this “Seed to Table” experiment in gardening, food preparation, and cooking. Students will engage in a transformative research beneficial to their career development and to our local community. As learners and researchers, students will develop and practice skills in participant observation, field documentation, qualitative, and quantitative research, interpersonal communication, and more.

Perspectives in applied social, health, and environmental sciences, community planning, public policy, economic development, design and sustainability and the French language are all needed for the success of this project.

Students interested in any of these fields, and/or in inter-generational learning, local history and local knowledge are all welcome to join this class.

Need more information? Please contact:
C. Ray Brassieur, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and CAFS
109 Mouton Hall; University of Louisiana at Lafayette
337-482-1260 ;

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